Challenge #9

Have your child decide a small act of kindness to do.

· December 3, 2022
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  • If you don’t have a child, you can ask a child of your choosing ;P
  • The child doesn’t need to participate in doing the act of kindness, but bonus points if they do haha.

The inspiration behind this challenge

Children can have the most amazing, creative and pure ideas. And guess what, children love to be involved. Yet as adults we often overlook and underestimate these qualities in them. We make the decisions without them, do our thing and hope they don’t get in the way. That a wonderful strategy if you want to miss out on a lot of memorable experiences and meaningful opportunities 😉 For now, let’s try another way.

Including the kids in trying to spread kindness doesn’t only make for a nervous and fun moment for you, it also promotes good morals and values to the child. Especially if it would be possible to have the child join you in doing the act of kindness as well.

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