Challenge #7

“Give a stranger a cup of hot chocolate.”

· November 15, 2022


  • More than one stranger and you get bonus points ;P
  • To make it an extra kind gesture, we would encourage you to make it a healthy version with vegan milk and a sweetener such as agave sirup.
  • You might want to explain that you are doing a Kindly challenge, if they are a bit suspicious.
  • It’d be really cool to take a selfie with this person holding the hot chocolate and posting it in the Wall of Kindness group, more bonus points haha..

The inspiration behind this challenge

When Katja and I were at a playground earlier today, we saw so many mothers with their kids there. Neither of us had seen that many mothers together on just a ordinary playground in the neighborhood. And immediately we thought of the same thing, we want to do something special for these mothers.

Motherhood is so precious, yet society does not value it as much as it should. So what could we do that would make them feel appreciated? Well, why not ask them, we thought. So Katja approached two mothers and asked them straight out. And their answer inspired this challenge.

In this challenge we don’t want to narrow down your options to just mothers, you can give it to anyone. But of course, if you want to do something extra thoughtful to show appreciation to motherhood, you can specify your mission to finding a mother / mothers to give it to.

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