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Bake / buy 2 cupcakes and find a stranger to eat it together with.

· September 29, 2022
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  • Preferably choose to bake / buy healthy cupcakes
  • A stranger is someone that you do not know ;P
  • Here it would be really, really nice if you can get a photo/video together with the stranger, both holding the cupcakes, and share it on the wall of kindness =D
  • PRO TIP: If you feel nervous about approaching strangers and having conversations with them, there’s a few things that can make it easier for you.
    • 1) choose someone of your own gender, in your own age group – making sure you have at least some things in common
    • 2) you can start the conversation by explaining the challenge and why you do this, even (if this is the case) that you feel it is scary / awkward – this is a great icebreaker that puts you in a good light of wanting to do something kind for them.
    • 3) asking questions are a great way to get a conversation going. You can ask questions about this person; studying, working, children, background, etc. Or ask questions related to the situation you are in; about the need of kindness, their experiences with acts of kindness, any interest in baking / food, etc.

The inspiration behind this challenge

We did a similar project in Oslo, where we asked a friend to bake an amazing cake. Then we went into the city and asked complete strangers if they wanted to join us for a picknick. Of course not every one we asked said yes, but we got together a group of 12 people. And we had a great time together, it was amazing!! Food is a great way to connect with others. And who doesn’t love a cupcake?! =D

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