Challenge #4

Walk around your house / apartment and find 3 things in every room that you are thankful for.

· September 22, 2022
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  • Write what you are thankful for on a post-it and hang it up in that room
  • Don’t only think about what you see in that room, but especially think for example about the experiences and memories you have from in that room, people who have been there, etc.
  • If you are a Christian, feel free to pray in the process for what comes to your mind (express gratitude to God, pray for people, etc).

The inspiration behind this challenge

Feeling thankful is an awesome feeling! Focusing on positive things, gives us energy and takes our mind off of things that may drain energy instead. In other words, you will feel better!

Kindness is not only extended to others, it is also important to be kind to yourself and care for your own wellbeing. A bonus effect of that is though, the better you feel, the easier it will be for your to extend kindness to others too 😉

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