Challenge #2

“Choose an old friend / family member that you haven't connected with in a long time. Spent at least an hour of quality time with this person doing something that he/she values.”

· September 8, 2022


  • Depending on what this person likes, here’s a few examples of what you can do together: take a walk / hike, meet at a cafe, make a puzzle together, play an outdoor game, bake together, paint, knit, take photos in nature, etc.
  • Do something that is meaningful to this other person, so you can catch a glimpse of who this person has become and how they now live life.

The inspiration behind this challenge

For whatever reason, friendships can drift apart over time. Circumstances change, worldviews change, personalities change. But often we can still appreciate the time / experiences we shared earlier in life with this other person. With this challenge we want to encourage you to express that gratitude by reconnecting with this person, even if it is for only one more time, and do something together. Most people value being appreciated and acknowledged, letting them know that they matter.

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