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Give strangers balloons filled with handwritten letters.

· May 5, 2023
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  • Fill at least 3 balloons with personal handwritten letters with a message from your heart (minimum 5 sentences). Meaning, the letter should start with addressing the person, and ends with a greeting from you. For some example letters you can open the pdf file under ‘materials’. Your letters don’t necessarily need to be as long as the examples, but you get the heart of it.
  • We recommend that the stranger you give the balloon to should be at least 16 years old. Sure children like balloons, but this project is not about the balloon, it’s about the letter inside. And to children the letter won’t mean as much as it would to adults.
  • Encourage the stranger to pop the balloon immediately (so they can read it and you can potentially get into a meaningful conversation with them).

The inspiration behind this challenge

I’m sharing some personal thoughts about the meaning of this project in the below video between @8:57-10:05.

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