Challenge #15

Cook a meal for a friend, in their kitchen.

· April 16, 2023
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  • Even though you can choose any friend you want, you can also take the opportunity to think of a friend you want to get to know more, or someone whom can really use a meaningful experience / being shown care.
  • You can find delicious, healthy recipes on our friend’s website, Chef Ani.

The inspiration behind this challenge

In 2022 we, the Sandelin family, did a challenge where we made food for strangers in their kitchen. This was much appreciated by them and the moments we shared together were very special. We didn’t just eat together, they even joined in on making the food, as they were interested in healthy cooking. So they learned a lot too.

Then we thought about that not just strangers, but also those we already know would appreciate such a gesture of kindness and care. And the free food made for them of course!

As their personal chef, you can give them the luxury experience of a restaurant, in their own home.

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