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Set up a wall of kindness in the city.

· April 6, 2023
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  • Build a simple wall that you can set up in the city where people can write something kind to a stranger, and read what other strangers have written to them.
  • If needed, get the required permits from the city council.
  • Under ‘Materials’ we have added two documents:
    – Instructions for building the wall (an example).
    – Tips and thoughts for churches / Christian groups.
    – Paint a big smiley face in the middle. This will draw people’s attention, and gives them an impression what the wall is about. Decorating the edges to look like walls will also increase the “wall-experience”.
    – Encourage people to write something original and meaningful, and at least 1 sentence long.
    – Two rules people need to abide by: 1) The message needs to be child friendly, 2) No contact information.
    – Try to be out on a sunny day in a more crowded part of the city/town.
    – Have people choose from colored markers. Seeing all the different colors on the wall makes people happy and it draws more attention.

The inspiration behind this challenge

In the beginning of Kindly, we created the group ‘The Wall Of Kindness’. Members can post photos/videos/posts there about their experiences doing the Kindly challenges. In 2022 this gave us the idea to build a physical wall of kindness as a way to inspire kindness in people. We did it in the city centre of Copenhagen, and it was a MASSIVE success. The wall was simple and cheap to build, which was great because I did not have great construction experience. Getting the permit was easy because they loved the idea, and within 3 hours, hundreds of people had written on the wall. People loved it! It was a great way to connect with people and give them a positive and out of the ordinary experience.

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