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Ask on your social media channel(s) if you can pray for anyone.

· April 5, 2023
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  • Example post: “Is there something I can pray for you for? Or maybe for someone you know, or a situation in your life, or something else? (You don’t need to be a Christian 😉) I would feel honored to get to pray for your requests. So comment below, write me a DM, give me a call, in whatever way you want, let me know what I can pray for, and I guarantee that I will 😁”
  • Follow-up with the people who send in requests.
    • Show genuine care and thankfulness that they dared to entrust their request(s) to you.
    • Depending on the request, ask further questions. This shows you’re interested in them, and gives you a clearer picture of what to pray for.
    • Let them know when you have prayed. Potentially share that you are committing to pray for it more times.
    • After some time, ask for improvements/updates/changes.
    • Maybe you can even meet up / invite him/her for a meal or something, pray for them in person, and connect with them.

The inspiration behind this challenge

When I, Melvin, did this for the first time in 2021, I was surprised by the response I got! Even people who did not necessarily even believe in God wrote to me with their prayer requests. Many people said they were touched by my offer, and praise God, some people got back to me later sharing my prayers had ‘worked’.

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