Challenge #12

Shovel snow for a neighbor or someone in the community.

Challenge #11

“Paint / draw something that is meaningful to you.”

Challenge #10

“Give a present to a stranger.”

Challenge #9

“Have your child decide a small act of kindness to do.”

Challenge #8

“Bury something meaningful for a stranger to find.”

Challenge #7

“Give a stranger a cup of hot chocolate.”

Challenge #6

“Send a letter to your mother and/or father to express your thankfulness for them.”

Challenge #5

“Bake / buy 2 cupcakes and find a stranger to eat it together with.”

Challenge #4

“Walk around your house / apartment and find 3 things in every room that you are thankful for.”

Challenge #3

“Clean up trash in a public place (city street / alongside the road / etc) for 30 minutes.”

Challenge #2

“Choose an old friend / family member that you haven’t connected with in a long time. Spent at least an hour of quality time with this person doing something that he/she values.”

Challenge #1

“Give 5 strangers a handwritten note with a compliment / kind words.”